Lisa Bufano

Afternoon of a Faun

Lisa Bufano and Sonsheree Giles performing on stilts in One Breath is an Ocean for a Wooden Heart

Lisa Bufano and Sonsheree Giles in Bregenz, Spring, 2010.

Sonsheree Giles' Afternoon of a Faun is an adaptation of Vaslav Nijinsky's controversial 1912 performance of L'apr├Ęs-midi d'un faune. The original work, in which a young faun meets or fantasizes about several nymphs, had an overtly sexual nature for its time and ended with a scene of simulated masturbation. This peice has evolved in exciting ways as venues, travel, and the distance of the dancers imposes creative challenges. Sonsheree, who dances as a sole nymph in the version for Bregenz composed a physical vocabulary that refers to the archaic motif of the original; where the dancers moved across the stage in profile as if on a bas relief or a painting on a greek vase. The part of the Faun, is an extremely powerful, and sexually potent one, is danced by Lisa Bufano.

Choreography: Sonsheree Giles
Dancers: Lisa Bufano and Sonsheree Giles, Janet Das
Faun costume: Anna Weber
Nymph costumes: Sonsheree Giles