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Credits & Collaborations


lisa in NY on cheetah legsSome of my prosthetics were fabricated and fitted by Peter Couture of Next Step on the East Coast:, and by Wayne Koniuk of San Francisco, CA. I extend my sincere thanks to these exceptional people for their ongoing encouragement, support, and friendship and to Ossur Orthopedic for my cheetah feet. Bits and peices of these prosthetics are used by the sculptors and fabricators who collaborate with me.

photo: lisa in NY on cheetah legs. Video still shot by Andy Cavatorta.


Lisa wearing an early prototype of the stilts made from wooden 2 by 4s In 2005, Jason Karakehian, of Boston, Ma., constructed my oringinal stilt prototype using 2x4s and a set of old sockets. He also made the 2 sets that followed, including the 28 inch, queen Anne-style, wooden table-leg stilts.
E. Stephen Frederick: curator of, contributed significantly to the early vision of the stilts and we continue to collaborate in a wide variety of capacities.
Justinian Morton:, replaced and redesigned the suspension of the stilts in 2008 and continues to provide fabrication and technical assistance in Boise, ID.

photos: right: 1st prototype of the stilts.
below: Aluminum stilts. Video still shot from a dance performance in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA.

Lisa dancing in metal stilts fabricated by Jason Karakehian

Lisa on 4, 28-inch wooden table-leg stiltsThe table-leg stilts would never have been made without Prof. Franz Palank's invitation to perform in Vienna in March 2005. He approached me with a challenge to create a compelling performance that exaggerated my (most obvious) 'weakness.' As a prosthetic user, a stilted character became the solution. The resulting performance "Fancy" was recorded for a documetary, Vom Charme des Makels, and included in curriculum and workshops (developed in collaboration with the University of Linz, supported by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and by the European Social Funds) supporting the thesis that a perceived 'weakness' or 'stigma' (translation of the German word 'makel') can be transformed into a strength in certain activities like, art, photography, and athletics.

photo: Shot by Gerhard ABA during performance of Fancy in Vienna, August, 2005.


Photography used in the homepage tryptech:
Lisa on stilts in the grass with rope against sky : Naomi Robbins. Visit
Lisa on on stilts in chair: Eric Herot.
Lisa on running legs at Judson Memorial Church: still from video shot by
Underwater photography: Maud Dillingham & Brian Henderson
Sonsheree Giles and Lisa on tableleg stilts: Trib LaPrade
Lisa on stilts in store front: still from video shot by Justinian Morton

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